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The barn owl’s burial

There’s a barn owl box on the property. Some years, not all of the birds survive to adulthood, and when the box is cleaned out, their remains get cleared out, too. I took the skull out – all I had … Continue reading

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I am learning that “yeah I’ll never do that” if Loki is at all in the picture is a laughable belief (a post about sex, and gender, and communication)

First it was writing on a Serious Blogging Platform and now this. (Well, first was actually, uh – a list of other things, which might start with “believing in gods” and goes on.) I wasn’t going to write anything about … Continue reading

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I am home for a couple of weeks. Not the place I live; I haven’t quite moved there yet, but the place that will always, always be home: the valley I grew up in, the town I went to school … Continue reading

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I am not a blogger

I only run when I’m chasing a bus, and I only write when I have a deadline. I’ve had a Livejournal account for over 10 years, though I post on Dreamwidth these days, and let it crosspost to LJ. But … Continue reading

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