The barn owl’s burial

There’s a barn owl box on the property. Some years, not all of the birds survive to adulthood, and when the box is cleaned out, their remains get cleared out, too.

I took the skull out – all I had of the bird – just past the gate in the middle of the field, where I’d found an owl pellet recently. The field on that side feels much different – it’s open space, no trees or shrubs, and wilder.

I had some flowers, a trowel, and an offering for Hel; I’d received guidance from Loki in arranging all this.

I’ve buried pets before, but I’ve never really performed any sort of funeral rites, never spoken any words over the grave, never asked the gods and ancestors of the deceased to take care of their lost family member.

My biggest concern was that I would struggle to find anything remotely appropriate and not clumsy to say, but once I started, it worked.

After I filled in the grave and laid the single flower on top (part of my instructions from earlier), I put out the offering for Hel, and asked for Her assistance, and thanked Her for the work She does caring for the dead.

I’d had plans to bury the skull for quite some time, but it wasn’t until last night that I was told to do it today, and to make an offering to Hel as part of this.

I definitely felt something when I spoke to Her, but it was similar enough to what I often feel from Loki that I wasn’t sure it wasn’t Him – or wasn’t only Him.

It wasn’t until I came back inside and wrote down a bunch of notes that the feeling returned, much more strongly, and I got further instructions, very clearly from Her.

I have always been very fond of birds.

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