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Random encounters

I went to the coast yesterday, for my monthly trip to the beach. This time, collecting trash was fairly straightforward – I didn’t run into any “take it? leave it?” concerns like I did last time. I found another long-deceased … Continue reading

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Living in right relationship (Pagan Values Event 2013)

I saw an announcement about this posted on Tumblr and it reminded me about something I’d thought about writing up last summer, about why I feel drawn to the Rokkr, the Jotuns, more so than the Aesir or Vanir in … Continue reading

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Restoration inspiration

I hate writing subject lines. Anyway. Someone I know recently mentioned they ran into a woman named Finisia Medrano while out on a trip in the mountains, and based on what they told me about the encounter, I felt compelled … Continue reading

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July for Loki

Last year, shortly after I started looking around the pagan parts of the internet, July was designated as a month for honoring Loki, both online and off. This was extremely convenient timing from my perspective, because I got to read … Continue reading

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A year ago yesterday, I stepped out the back door with a candle in my pocket, and a strawberry and a shot of gin for offerings; I’d decided I needed an answer to the nagging question of patronage, so I … Continue reading

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Ethics at the ocean

I’ve been going to the ocean to pick up trash for several months now, and it has always seemed fairly straightforward, until my last trip. I had only picked up a few pieces of plastic when I came to an … Continue reading

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Too many anniversaries for one month

June always makes me nervous. Particularly the middle of the month. June isn’t the only month in which important, emotionally upsetting events have happened in my life, but too many of them have happened not just in June, but in … Continue reading

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