July for Loki

Last year, shortly after I started looking around the pagan parts of the internet, July was designated as a month for honoring Loki, both online and off.

This was extremely convenient timing from my perspective, because I got to read A LOT of really great devotional poetry, essays, commentary, personal experiences, and a whole range of things shared around the internet in Loki’s name.

July is also when Lokabrenna Day (also referred to by some as Lokablot – recommended reading for more info) is observed; the actual day when Sirius rises varies depending on where on the planet you are. You can go here to read about figuring out when that is (when you click through to the simulator, you can scroll down to get a file you can download and run on your own computer if you don’t want to use the webpage). For me, it’s going to be sometime around August 16-20. So I can celebrate twice.

I’m planning on participating in the blogging this year, in a more intentional and focused way than I normally approach posting things online. I don’t know if I will manage to post something original every day, but I have at least a couple of unfinished poems that might survive to see the light of public exposure, and an essay that I started thinking about last summer, and drafted up earlier this year . . . and some other half-formed ideas that, now that I’ve written them down, I feel committed to. Which is one way to beat procrastination. WELL DONE, BRAIN.

I’m looking forward to it.


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2 Responses to July for Loki

  1. Lin Pants says:

    Apparently I’m too brain dead and require another cup of coffee to figure that simulator out :P I figure it’s similar to your 16-20?

    I think I’m going to participate in the blogging this year too. Or at least try to.

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