From my “reminds me of Loki” playlist

One of the reasons I did the opposite of run away screaming when I thought Loki might want something to do with me is that I’ve always valued making change when necessary, either with my own life, or trying to encourage other people or organizations to do the same. Even if it is upsetting or painful. Perhaps especially when it is upsetting or painful; the harder it is to make the change, the more necessary it often turns out to be.

I’ve always liked this song a lot, and it now really, really speaks to me of Loki in that aspect. The chorus in particular:

I am the rain
Falling down to cover you
Wish me away
But I’m here for your own good
I am the storm
Sent to wake you from your dream
Show me your scorn
But you’ll thank me in the end


About Fjothr Lokakvan

More or less Northern Tradition polytheist.
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