A thousand small dams, now less functional

I have cried more
Since You came into my life
Than I did over a handful of years
Preceding that, and over more
Different things than I ever knew I’d need to:
Issues being avoided,
New realizations,
Impending losses –
And then, those losses –
Old pains,
Newly understood.
There have been times when
If a week went by without finding
Myself sobbing in bed or
Bent over my desk or
Curled up on the floor beneath
Your altar
I thought I must be
Missing something;
I got so accustomed to unexpected meltdowns.
But most unexpected
Have been the times
In Your arms
Surrounded by Your love
Feeling my love for You
When I learned
It is possible
To weep
From joy.

(He asked me to share this. So.)


About Fjothr Lokakvan

More or less Northern Tradition polytheist.
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