Loving a Savage God

Like loving the prairie:
The wide, open plains,
So empty, bleak
Even in summer.
Heart-stoppingly beautiful.
Holy awe and terror,
Knowing how small and alone you are
In the face of all this
Vast, stark wildness
That you know cares nothing for you.
The sun shines now but
Darkness on the horizon
May bring devastation:
Driving rain, twisting winds, hail,
The very real threat of obliteration,
And you have no shelter to withstand it.

Though I could not live here,
I love it deeply, longingly,
Freed from comfort, protection, all signs of civilization.


About Fjothr Lokakvan

More or less Northern Tradition polytheist.
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  1. Myriad says:

    beautiful! <3

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