Overlooked Spirits

An excellent post. I’ve occasionally thought about how I would go about forming a relationship with the spirit of the local transit system (there must be one, right?), since a) the local transit system is -awesome- and deserves some extra love and b) being on good terms with that spirit seems like it could be really beneficial if I need a bus to be slowed down, or sped up, by just a few minutes.

Queen of the Waiting Ones

No spirit should be overlooked, and perhaps they are not, but I haven’t seen many people writing about these spirits, so I will, briefly.

The spirits I’m talking about are not the well known and well cared for spirits of waterways, or spirits dwelling in parks and small green plots of land within cities. They are not the secluded natural spots which survive near country towns, and within National Parks.

All these are important, as are the spirits of the Ocean, Sky and Mountains. However, there are other spirits who are profoundly powerful, and profoundly interested in forming relationships with humans.  Many of these spirits seem to be overlooked by humans, so I’m going to list those who wish to be spoken of today, in no particular order.


1.)  The spirit of your Water supply.
I’ve never met a more eager spirit than the spirit which governs the distribution…

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