A compilation of offerings

Food and drinks I’ve offered to the various spirits I honor during regular devotional work, in no particular order, that have all seemed to be approved of (I make offerings once a week at home; I go to the ocean once a month in addition). Much of this I offered because it seemed to be a pretty clear request, or I got just a subtle feeling like this is what I should buy for offerings. I default to bread and water if I have no better idea from reading other people’s writing or “listening” for clues. (I have also done other kinds of offerings for some of Them – service, music, other things, but I’m keeping this simple for now.)

Odin: Jack Daniels, rye whiskey, vodka. The vodka seems to be the most preferred.

Hela: Apples. Bread. Black tea (English Breakfast) with a little honey and just a splash of half-and-half or cream.

Ran and the Undines: Water (at the home altar). Grapes, citrus fruits, apples, blood (at the ocean).

Nidhogg: Apples. Lapsang souchong (in one particular mug. okay.).

Jord: Bread, sometimes with honey. Water.

Surt: Water. Water with a splash of vodka. Rye whiskey.

Narvi: Chocolate with quinoa in it. Chocolate w/hazelnuts. A really rich milk chocolate.

Vali: Chocolate with toffee in it. . . . Yes, that’s it, I haven’t gotten strongly nudged to try any other kinds of chocolate.

Sigyn: White chocolate with strawberries. Vanilla ice cream. Cookies and cream ice cream. Vanilla ice cream w/lavender flowers sprinkled on it, and/or St. Germaine on it (elderflower liqueur). The “rose” and “caramel” varieties of Righteously Raw’s “Superfood Truffle” bars.

Loki: This is not limited to the weekly Everyone-gets-offerings list, because I share portions of all my meals, and often bits of snacks, or for “just because” and so on. This is going to be lengthy. . . . Dammit. Also incomplete because there’s been a lot of variety. I haven’t tried to sort out exactly which vegetables are highest on the list from food I’m eating myself, but artichokes and carrots stand out as more interesting than lettuce. ANYWAY: Gin, single malt scotch, blended scotch whiskey, hard cider, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, red wine, white wine, cinnamon whiskey (local brand called Sinfire) . . . any other alcohol I’ve been imbibing myself, coconut chai tea w/lemon and honey, coffee, coffee w/sugar and cream/half-and-half. Dark chocolate, including flavors like: mint, coconut, toffee, chili, caramel (weekly offerings, along with hard alcohol). Hard candy (infrequently). Baked goods – cookies, cake, brownies, baking powder biscuits. Oatmeal cookies with lots of cinnamon baked until they blackened (this was a request). Drumstick from Thanksgiving turkey. Fried mushrooms. Fried onions. Fried onions and mushrooms (cooked in lots of butter). Fried eggs. The crispier bits of fried things seem to be appreciated well. Apples, raspberries, strawberries, peaches, pineapple. Nuts. Coconut. Any meat I’ve eaten (beef, chicken, turkey, pork, fish). Oatcake (look up Beltaine oatcake recipes).

Sunna: Coffee. Banana (only once so far; it was Her alternative to the coffee I couldn’t offer Her at that time). “Corn crisps” – a rice-cake type cracker made with puffed corn that I found when I was first feeling urged to set up Her altar; however, they are off the list for future offerings now, after a fairly clear “oh please not those again” recently. Water.

Mani: Marshmallows. Vodka. Water.

Angrboda: Jack Daniels. Gin – I have two kinds in the house, Bombay Sapphire and a localish variety called Desert Juniper. She seems to prefer the Desert Juniper. (It’s very nice, rather different from the Sapphire; simpler flavor, it doesn’t have the same complex botanical floral mix. Very smooth.)

Set: Water. Bread, usually with honey.

Land spirits: Bread, some with honey and some without. Half-and-half, usually with honey in it. Water.

House wights: Whole spelt grain, often mixed with honey. Sometimes mixed with chocolate chips.

Elementals: Chocolate chips.

Ancestors: Water. Bread, usually with honey.


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