Nature’s (rape) Metaphors

Oh, look, another long-dead philosopher I’d like to punch in the nose for contributing to today’s appalling mess.


This weeks’ A Sense of Place post is up–The Science of Subjugation:

I’m not just some Bard spinning human activities into rape metaphor.  I’m emulating the ‘Father of Empiricism,” Francis Bacon….That is, the cherished founder of the ‘Scientific Method’ himself, the very tenet of faith upon which much of Modern Science is founded, compared Nature to a woman that no man should feel reluctant about ‘entering and penetrating’ into her ‘holes.”

It’s in some degree a response to the belief in the infallibility and a-political nature of The Science™ which one notes in certain anti-theist Pagan circles.  The Science ™ cannot ever be white and colonialist, because The Science™   is pure and universal and all-one, because The Science™ can prove itself scientifiscally. Or something.

Didn’t know there was such a thing as anti-theist Pagans?  They Exist, bro.  I actually invited one of them to a public shirtless…

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