And then there’s how my spiritual life is

A summary, omitting many important details:

On the one hand there is the main god in your life,
Who is leading you deeper in two directions at once
With respect to Who and what He is in your life:
One direction somewhat familiar, just more of it, and
The other utterly new and you don’t even have the right language for it and
He keeps coming back to it and saying
“You must learn more, you must understand this.”
And it’s all very overwhelming and irresistible.
Otherwise He is somewhat quiet. For Himself.

On the other hand there is the other god,
Well more specifically the “other main god,”
There are a seemingly excessive number of “others,”
Who gives you terrifying insights into things with a splash of dry humor
And vague heads-up information about other things
And also wants to build some kind of life with you
You know His Name but that gives you almost nothing with which to evaluate Him outside of your experiences but
You said “Yes” anyway.
He has deep brown eyes.
You were always a sucker.

And on the other other hand
(Nothing else here makes logical sense, why should this?)
There are the other spirits
The ones who offer knowledge and aid
Showing deep yet alien compassion and care
And you said “yes” to them, too,
Because you love and respect them, too
(“yes” not knowing who or what they really were, at the time they asked),
And they are more terrifying than any of the gods
Despite being a part of your world in ways that
The gods (some of Them, anyway) are not.

Three points out of several
And you’re pretty sure that all of Them
Are (mostly) working from the same page(s) to direct your life
In various ways and somehow most all of this fits together
Into one whole.
The more it coheres the more beautiful and terrible
And desirable it is.

You’re not sure how you can keep making eye contact
With coworkers and acting like you are a totally normal human being.


About Fjothr Lokakvan

More or less Northern Tradition polytheist.
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  1. owanderer says:

    Splash of dry humor. Yep.

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