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  1. Linda Boeckhout says:

    Good point, I agree the ethics have little to do with one’s conviction. There are decent people of every creed (or no creed at all). I felt the same about things when I was a Christian. So it does come down to a specific flavour of decency. Yet this flavour, Paganism, might be a binding spell for building a community and getting things in motion.
    I can fully relate to the writing anxiety. Why would anyone be interested in what a thirtyish suburbian from a tiny country overseas has to say? What difference can I make? I feel stripped and naked when I write. Not so much afraid of criticism of content but afraid of not meeting standards. Yet I do feel called. And so have you, I understand. So there must be a point.
    I find your blog very interesting and knowledgeable about environmental issues, in my opinion many of your articles would benefit Gods and Radicals too.

    • Thanks! Yeah, I do have plenty to draw on in terms of ecological topics; I keep forgetting that. Because often I’m not trying to tie it into anything more explicitly pagan (though it kind of automagically comes out anti-capitalist).

      “Not so much afraid of criticism of content but afraid of not meeting standards.” Yes, exactly. (Also: there’s a much bigger list of people reading over there than here. That’s really new to me. Well; I’ve theoretically got lots of followers on Tumblr, but Tumblr is really informal, so that doesn’t feel threatening, plus I doubt most of them read the longer-form things I write here.)

      I think having people from a variety of backgrounds is really important! Both because it shows where we have common interests, but also because it can bring attention to concerns that you might not otherwise know about – or see how the global problems are having a variety of different effects in different locations. Like previously I was only thinking about fracking as a problem in the US, until I saw people in the UK talking about it.

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