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Image above, and text quoted below, from this article on Grist: “Fossil fuel companies have been lying about climate change for more than 30 years”

As early as 1977, the report’s authors note, “representatives of fossil fuel companies including BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, Peabody Energy, and Shell attended dozens of congressional hearings in which the contribution of carbon emissions to the greenhouse effect and other aspects of climate science were discussed.”

An email written last year by a former Exxon employee recounts that by 1981, the company was very concerned about the prospect of carbon dioxide emissions triggering climate change and bringing on regulation

So naturally they did what any self-respecting big corporation that was worried about the terrible beast of regulation, and they started lying about what they knew, and spinning what was there to convince people there was sufficient doubt in the science that maybe just maybe their industry WASN’T the massive problem it really is.

And here we are. Nearly 40 years later. With a problem more than twice as large as it was then.

Now, some of them actually are acknowledging the science is valid, and in some cases, they are in favor of (some) kinds of regulations, but they are still going right ahead with the fracking and the drilling and the Arctic “exploration” and pretty much business as usual, because why would they stop? Why would they slow down? Who is making them? Haven’t you heard about the miraculous fracking boom?? If you want to further anger yourself, go trolling the news for quotes from members of the big oil companies about just how much they care about climate change. Or better yet, go to Cute Overload instead, that’s a nice website.

. . .

On a related note, I have been thinking more and more about Shell’s current attempt to drill in Arctic waters, and I have been thinking about the ocean deities I worship, and I have been thinking about how one of those deities is often praised for His hospitality, and how His Wife is known as “Robber” and Their Daughters are the Waves which can be gentle and healing or anything but, and I have been thinking about the many, many, so many ways in which the oil industry generally, and Shell in particular are not following anything like good manners in terms of hospitality . . .

And I think it is time to compose a long, detailed, well-thought-out prayer that such ill-mannered “guests” be shown the door.



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