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Tropical vs. temperate songbird reproduction

So apparently songbirds that breed in tropical regions have fewer youngsters, and those youngsters get their wings faster than songbirds in more temperate reasons, despite growing more slowly in general. Their late growth possibly gives them an edge in escaping … Continue reading

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To the Ocean, for the Arctic (a prayer)

Originally posted on GODS & RADICALS:
Hail Aegir, Ocean, great Lord of the seas, generous host of the Aesir! Hail Ran, Robber, great Lady of storms! Hail the Undines, the Billows Maidens, great Ladies of the waves! Thank You for…

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Marching orders (ha)

I’ve gotten a lot A LOT of divination in the past year+ where at least part of the message has come up “focus on joy, focus on the GOOD things, etc., etc.” They’re not really stopping that message so much … Continue reading

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The sixth great extinction?

I’ve seen lots of headlines about this recently, but due to other things I’d read in the past, I was a little hesitant to believe it – and I thought I’d seen this come up before, and then get refuted … Continue reading

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Understanding the dark

I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to write publicly about any of this again. I did for a while early on, and then – Well, I guess it’s time. . . . Loki, when He shows up in … Continue reading

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A little more love for the deep ocean

I feel I’ve been neglecting the watery side of things lately. Well, conveniently, and also what brought it back to my attention, Grist is doing a series of articles on the ocean (they are all really cool!), all interviews with … Continue reading

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Snow in Summer

Like I mentioned previously, I stayed in the room that was serving as a shrine to Skadi for the weekend. I suspected I might meet Her, at least briefly, because shrine room, with open hours for worship, Norse goddess, me … Continue reading

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