Marching orders (ha)

I’ve gotten a lot A LOT of divination in the past year+ where at least part of the message has come up “focus on joy, focus on the GOOD things, etc., etc.”

They’re not really stopping that message so much as expanding on it, I think, no matter how I scowl when those certain runes or images come up. Again. Aaaaand again. What, am I still too prone to worrying? ME????

I went to talk to one of Them about some concerns I had about further-down-the-road and She said to think of where I am right now as a “way station,” and “Rest. Live.”

And via multiple other sources I’ve gotten similar messages (for months and months) along the lines of “enjoy life” and things about rest/relaxation/etc. (I’m not really complaining about the “rest” thing though I’m not sure I know how to do it well).

One of Them that I’ve spoken with rarely nudged me recently, and so after a while I had time to sit down and find out what was up. I was expecting something having to do with certain spiritual responsibilities, since this being had said some things about that the last time we communicated. And I was excited about that, because it had been many months since the last communication, and I am eager to get on with that work.

But instead it was something fairly vague about I was about to move on to some other “journey,” no details given, of course, and when I asked for those details, like “what am I supposed to be DOING? What’s my ‘job description’ or moral equivalent?” the answer came back with basically: Live. Enjoy life. TRY to, anyway, is that too much to ask?? NO.

Sometimes They sound a little exasperated.


. . .

So I guess, well, when I’ve found a new place and moved in, that means – PARTY AT MY PLACE. It’ll be devotional.

I have some good wine.


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