Pre-sale and subscriptions for the Gods&Radicals Journal

If you would like to pre-order a copy of the first issue – or copies of the next two issues – you can do that right here. We made our basic funding goal in a matter of a few hours, which is amazing, but pre-orders are still awesome!

If you are interested in the journal but can’t afford a copy, I’m putting aside money to buy several copies for folks. I’ll pay for 5 single-issue orders or 3 two-issue orders (as listed on the indiegogo page), or any combination of that. I do not need to know any of your financial details; this will be first-come first-serve, though if I look at your blog and see that you’re a bigot, your request will be ignored. You can email me at fjothr at featherforge dot com, or contact me through Tumblr or Facebook’s messaging – if you don’t hear back from me within like, 12-16 hours, try another method.

I’ll update this post (and the original on Tumblr) as necessary.

I am really excited about this coming out! (If I don’t drag my feet too much I may have a piece or two published in it; the deadline is September 15th.)


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More or less Northern Tradition polytheist.
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  2. That’s really cool that you’re setting aside money to buy copies for those who can’t afford them. :)

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