The tiniest land snails?

I never paid a lot of attention to snail-related news, but after doing the ritual for the extinct last year, and seeing how many species of snails are on the Red List, I’ve developed a little more fondness, or appreciation, or something, for them.

A very tiny land snail has been found (and there are A LOT of very tiny land snails) that is believed to be the smallest ever discovered. Part of what is really amazing about this is that they may be about at the limit of how small snails can get:

It is not possible for snails to be much smaller than those discovered because the snails’ organs and cells cannot be smaller and a minimum number of cells are needed for the animal to exist, he added.

People are quoted in the article as saying they expect the snails are “very probably extreme endemic species,” which is perhaps not surprising; snails are not the most mobile of creatures, and these are very small. This is also a reason so many species can be lost – if they inhabit only one small area, and it gets changed too much too fast, there is nowhere they can easily migrate to.



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