Predators/abusers in the pagan community

This is a must-read for anyone who is or might be connected with the online (or offline) pagan communities, particularly heathen/heathen associated, especially Vanatru, or connected with demonolatry or related practices – but given the history of the person involved, other communities may want to take note as well. He’s also been active in some Lokean and godspouse/spirit spouse communities/communities with a lot of those folks.

The original post: “I need to tell the pagan community about Nornoriel, aka Sebastian Lokason.” Quotes below are excerpted from that:

So I’m gonna.

I and my friend/roommate Tif met Nornoriel in late 2013. Via a series of unfortunate events he ended up befriending us; he then moved into our house in January 2014. He broke enough house rules by April that we decided not to renew his yearly lease, after which he moved out in December 2014. From Dec 2013 to about April 2014, he was constantly oversharing with Tif and I, and that is why I am in the position to warn you about him. I realize he’s left tumblr, but he’s still repeating the same manipulative patterns from 2014 eleven months after he moved out of my house, so I’m finally gonna speak on this so that I can warn the community about him and others like him. If you’re looking for my credentials as to why I should be listened to about astral and magical stuff, feel free to look at my work at @merkavahpartyvan and decide for yourself.

. . .

A summary:

  • Nornoriel is hiding crucial information from the public about the religion he is trying to get people to learn about or convert to, information that completely changes the context of the religion.
  • Nornoriel lied to us about a lot of things and lies to the public about them as well or obfuscates them.
  • Nornoriel’s claims about spirits and other entities often proved untrustworthy.
  • Nornoriel bullied and verbally abused us in our own home and destroyed property.
  • Nornoriel gaslit us to further his own spirit romance narrative.
  • Nornoriel took our own observations of our own astral and spiritual experiences and parroted details from them to claim he was having similar experiences. He still does so.
  • Nornoriel has written articles and used information and attributions specifically from us that could come from no other sources and claimed they were his own conclusions and attributions.
  • Nornoriel vagueposts about what happened in our house to villainize us and make himself out to be a martyr towards his readership.

Everything else is going beneath the cut because this is fucking huge. There is an offsite version here on Pastebin if for some reason the read more link ever stops working. Also, for a record, a huge amount of this is about Tif and I’s personal experiences because, well, it’s what we experienced. I wish I could be more detached and also I wish I had a simpler story for you, but in the end I decided to just say what happened and let the public decide if they wanted to deal with Nornoriel / Sebastian Lokason any longer. Since he still actively markets his services to new magic users and pagans and he is still repeating his patterns from when he lived in our house, I can’t really NOT disclose these things, especially when it comes to the big issue with his Vanatru religion.

I do recommend reading it for the amount of detail of the types of behavior Nornoriel has engaged in; while I do not have details from any of his other victims who I’ve heard from directly, the patterns are consistent, including making up really nasty rumors about former friends/associates/etc. (example), co-opting personal experiences (spiritual and otherwise) and claiming them for his own, and sharing in public information that he’d been requested to keep private.

The number of people I’ve seen saying things like, “I’m glad someone finally went public with this” or said this post was just a small amount of what they’d heard, also speaks volumes.

There is a followup post here with a comment from someone who has observed Nornoriel’s behavior for at least 10 years and says that this has been a long-term pattern of abuse, across a wide number of communities. Highlights:

They have gone by a variety of names, trounced through every possible online religious community (once in-person communities stopped allowing them access), and have caused very real harm to others that I have personally witnessed, in the form of filing false reports with government agencies and perpetuating false information that led to actual physical assaults on others.

They are fraudulent in almost everything they do, from their writing that they grift from others to their supposed spirit work which levels harmful false information at folks who may not understand what is being said to them, to the production of low-quality goods that they sell as blessed, charged, containing pieces of divinities, or whatever else they believe they can convince others of. I have dealt with them in person and dealt with the fallout of what they do both in friends and people who have gone to them for spiritual work and then needed help sorting out huge messes that were caused by their involvement. I have held items sold as consecrated or as holding pieces of divinities in my hands after people who bought them were rather desperate to be told that the incredible amount of money they spent on it was not a waste.

Further, he’s changed his name a bunch of times, having gone by (quoted from the above): “Svartesol, Sigrun Ealdor-Thegn (was in the Geferræden Fyrnsidu [GFS] group under this name as well as the next), Sigrun-Svartesol Freyskona, Siggy, Nornoriel Vanyahildë, Nornoriel Hóvanel, Nornoriel Lokisdottir, and various derivations of ‘Anna.’ Also, his real name is completely different from all of these, just for the record.”

Other people who’ve dealt with him have mentioned that if you ARE dealing with him, keep records of what happens, and take screenshots of web-based anything, because he also has a habit of locking down or editing things after the fact. also has a good and growing collection of resources to help people recognize abuse and help if you have been abused, some of them specific to spiritual abuse.


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3 Responses to Predators/abusers in the pagan community

  1. thetinfoilhatsociety says:

    Very interesting. I am a ‘follower’ of said blog on wordpress, but I guess my own experience and time in Pagan spirituality has left me well shielded and thus ignorant of the drama. I don’t ‘demon’ in any sense but I find it interesting to read someone else’s experiences; whether they are true or not in a literal sense I leave to a higher power’s judgement. Sad though. Very sad, if this blog post is factual, and I’m sorry so many have been hurt. I’ve known people like that in person but it’s a lot harder to sense the ‘crazy’ on the internet for sure.

    • I think there are going to be some follow-up posts talking about some of the red flags; other people involved in the comments (on Tumblr) have mentioned certain things that were at least somewhat observable via text-only as cautionary signals (like constant drama, stories changing, and other things), though I’m pretty sure none of what was viewable via blogs really hinted at how nasty it was for people more directly involved, or for how many years, and in how many different communities, this person had been harming others.

  2. Amanda says:

    I first encountered this person years ago on Livejournal (back when that was a big thing). He/she was known as Sigrun back then and said she was a wife of Freyr. Didn’t seem much different than other “godspouses” to me back then, and it was actually kind of refreshing to have someone married to Freyr for a change instead of the usual Odin or Loki.

    But then there was drama on the Heathen LJ group we were both on, and Siggy left and deleted her LJ account. I didn’t think much of it until I encountered this person again on Tumblr and WordPress as Nornoriel and now she’s a he and way crazier than he/she was before. It’s too bad. When he/she left LJ I thought it was a healthy move for her (some of the drama was her fighting with Robin Artisson/Son of Art, and everyone knows he’s a dickhead, so I kinda took Siggy’s side in that). I thought maybe she was going to get her life straightened out or something, away from the internet drama. Looks like instead he/she has gotten even worse.

    But even when I didn’t think this person was that bad, she/he at least looked like the kind of person who attracts drama, and therefore someone I didn’t want to have much to do with. Seems like there are a lot of people like this in the pagan community, on AND offline. People need to be really careful about who to trust when it comes to spiritual matters, especially in a community as new, and dare I say it, immature as modern paganism. Anyone can start a blog, write some books, call themselves a priest, and suddenly they have some sort of spiritual authority and people see them as speaking for the gods. Then it turns out they’re just some crazy person who doesn’t have any clue what they’re talking about.

    (No offense to crazy people, BTW. I’ve had my own share of mental issues. The problem is the crazy people who don’t take responsibility for themselves.)

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