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Plant perspective

My job stresses me out and I want to leave. This would have been a true statement a month ago, a year ago; in fact, 2 years ago, going all the way back to when I first started. The nature … Continue reading

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Looking back; looking ahead

Early last January, shortly after I decided I was going to write more often about environmental things even if it didn’t have any direct, obvious tie-in to my spiritual stuff, one of my gods asked me to commit to writing … Continue reading

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Wildtending, Earth Healing, and Gathering and Sowing the Seeds

Calling all land regenerators, earth walkers, and friends of the weeds!  You can help heal our lands, today, with the resources you have and the love you have to give.  But this is not how it has to be. What … Continue reading

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Dam removal benefits for birds

Well, some birds anyway. Birds that eat fish that are impacted by dams. This is another bit of news related to the Elwha River, and how its damming, and now freedom, is affecting the surrounding ecosystem. The article concerns itself … Continue reading

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