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More or less Northern Tradition polytheist.

Famous last words

I concluded my last post with this (poorly edited bit of drivel): I don’t know think this counts as a “fallow time” but instead this kind of plateau just means I’ve found a nice steady pace, that the overall relationship … Continue reading

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Slowly, slowly, the egg will walk

A friend of mine passed on that proverb to me years ago and it’s really stuck with me. I was griping (again; but when do I stop) recently to Loki about still not being quite where I want to be, … Continue reading

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That was the rune that came up when I asked, “How bad did I fuck up?” late Sunday afternoon. Wynn. Usually, that rune comes up and means something about joy. Sometimes it refers to clarity, but most of the time, … Continue reading

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“When They come courting” post-con post

As promised, here is the text of my presentation on spirit marriage and etc. at Many Gods West: “When They come courting.” It includes the sources I used as well as a bigger “resources” section with things I couldn’t fit … Continue reading

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MGW summary

I write “summary” but let’s be real, it’s not going to be all that brief. I had a really, really great weekend. Some of it I am sure I am going to be processing, and continuing to benefit from, for … Continue reading

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Altar for extinct species and ecological losses at Many Gods West

I will be setting up a public altar at Many Gods West this year for honoring extinct species, destroyed places, and other ecological losses. There will be two parts to it: one small-scale Life Cairn, and a Memorial Wall where … Continue reading

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If it was a novel, it would have been foreshadowing

I know, looking back makes it easier to see the trail that got you here, but some of those bread crumbs really were much more meaningful than I assumed at the time. 1. Four years ago, about a week before … Continue reading

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