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My polytheism

I’ve really been enjoying the posts inspired by the first My Polytheism post, and so: In brief: I treat gods (and other spirits) like I treat human people (or would like to), except I can be more honest with Them. … Continue reading

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Film-related approxiversary

I have non-specific plans to go see the latest Marvel film in the theatre sometime soon, which has been serving as yet-another reminder of the passage of time. It was 4 years ago this month that I went with my … Continue reading

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Looking back at changes in practice (if that’s even the right word)

Several weeks ago, I caught myself thinking “things have really quieted down around here” and then I thought about what’s actually going on and realized no, they haven’t, they’re just different than they were for quite a while. What I … Continue reading

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Life Support Systems

Resistance and Resilience through Love, Joy, and Hope Author’s note: This essay was originally published in the first issue of A Beautiful Resistance, and posted online last month at Gods&Radicals; originally I intended to post it here the same day … Continue reading

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Politics and religion

I was 36 when I walked away from a lifetime of mostly-unquestioning atheism to worship the Norse gods; my political views and various values were pretty well set at that point, and had been for quite some time. As I’ve … Continue reading

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Looking back; looking ahead

Early last January, shortly after I decided I was going to write more often about environmental things even if it didn’t have any direct, obvious tie-in to my spiritual stuff, one of my gods asked me to commit to writing … Continue reading

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I went to the Grotto in Portland yesterday, with two other pagans. It’s a Catholic shrine also known as the National Sanctuary of Our Sorrowful Mother. I don’t think I can describe it properly, because of the state of mind … Continue reading

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