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The Jotnar as destructive deities – or not

One of the things I’ve been most frustrated with, religiously, is finding other people with similar perspectives in a theological or bigger-picture religion sense. Most of the heathen-oriented people I communicate with don’t bring up environmental concerns as part of … Continue reading

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Land. Death. Tools. I don’t even know.

I feel reasonable comfortable with where things are with Loki. It feels like there’s an understanding there, no major questions to resolve, things are steady. (I am aware this might change at any time, but I’m okay with that. That’s … Continue reading

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Random encounters

I went to the coast yesterday, for my monthly trip to the beach. This time, collecting trash was fairly straightforward – I didn’t run into any “take it? leave it?” concerns like I did last time. I found another long-deceased … Continue reading

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Ethics at the ocean

I’ve been going to the ocean to pick up trash for several months now, and it has always seemed fairly straightforward, until my last trip. I had only picked up a few pieces of plastic when I came to an … Continue reading

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The barn owl’s burial

There’s a barn owl box on the property. Some years, not all of the birds survive to adulthood, and when the box is cleaned out, their remains get cleared out, too. I took the skull out – all I had … Continue reading

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