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Comedy, or something like it

This is a story about timing and luck. Well, I guess that’s kind of redundant, isn’t it? Luck often has everything to do with timing, doesn’t it? Or vice versa. Or something. Anyway. This afternoon, I went out to buy … Continue reading

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Work/Life/Faith Balance

[I drafted this up a week ago, thinking I would have time to fine-tune it and post it then. Some of it feels even more relevant than when I wrote it, but the original last sentence is kind of hilarious … Continue reading

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All twisty-windy paths lead to the same place

Years ago, in college, shortly before I got married, I convinced my soon-to-be husband that we ought to buy this small parrot I’d seen in a local pet store and fallen instantly in love with. “Groom’s gift for the bride?” … Continue reading

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Living in right relationship (Pagan Values Event 2013)

I saw an announcement about this posted on Tumblr and it reminded me about something I’d thought about writing up last summer, about why I feel drawn to the Rokkr, the Jotuns, more so than the Aesir or Vanir in … Continue reading

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A year ago yesterday, I stepped out the back door with a candle in my pocket, and a strawberry and a shot of gin for offerings; I’d decided I needed an answer to the nagging question of patronage, so I … Continue reading

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