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The Jotnar as destructive deities – or not

One of the things I’ve been most frustrated with, religiously, is finding other people with similar perspectives in a theological or bigger-picture religion sense. Most of the heathen-oriented people I communicate with don’t bring up environmental concerns as part of … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Ladies of the ocean

I recently found my way to the website for a local company that does riparian and wetlands restoration, and proceeded to read every single project entry on their website, feeling increasingly emotionally compromised and weepy, but having no desire to … Continue reading

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Work/Life/Faith Balance

[I drafted this up a week ago, thinking I would have time to fine-tune it and post it then. Some of it feels even more relevant than when I wrote it, but the original last sentence is kind of hilarious … Continue reading

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Living in right relationship (Pagan Values Event 2013)

I saw an announcement about this posted on Tumblr and it reminded me about something I’d thought about writing up last summer, about why I feel drawn to the Rokkr, the Jotuns, more so than the Aesir or Vanir in … Continue reading

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Ethics at the ocean

I’ve been going to the ocean to pick up trash for several months now, and it has always seemed fairly straightforward, until my last trip. I had only picked up a few pieces of plastic when I came to an … Continue reading

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