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A path chosen

Or maybe “chosen,” because I have lingering questions about that (which may never be answered to my satisfaction; such is life). Over a year ago, in late summer, Loki woke me up in the middle of the night and stated … Continue reading

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Rethinking/redefining goals

I think I’ve complained here about feeling frustrated by not having clear goals, either in terms of where this whole spirit business is going or the mundane career piece of that. Gods know I’ve complained about it plenty of other … Continue reading

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Relative quiet, and other changes

The first week of August, I drove across the state the long way to visit my parents. The trip was notable for several specific spiritual reasons, including that, when I got back, I got a strong nudge to NOT do … Continue reading

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Big changes/Going back to earlier things

I’m in what I think are the very early stages of some major changes in my practice, moving into the early stages (well, I think I’ve been through some preparatory stuff already, but. . . ) of the other big … Continue reading

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