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Hey la, hey la, my boyfriend’s back

So a few nights ago, I had a dream – maybe a couple dreams, run together, I mean where does one dream end and another start? – and all day after, I had this bit of a song banging around … Continue reading

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Famous last words

I concluded my last post with this (poorly edited bit of drivel): I don’t know think this counts as a “fallow time” but instead this kind of plateau just means I’ve found a nice steady pace, that the overall relationship … Continue reading

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Five years on

I saw a post recently on Tumblr in which the original poster was making an attempt to list what sorts of magic/energy work/etc. skills, techniques, etc., ought to be considered basic, intermediate, and advanced. Some of it seemed reasonable, but … Continue reading

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And then there’s how my spiritual life is

A summary, omitting many important details: On the one hand there is the main god in your life, Who is leading you deeper in two directions at once With respect to Who and what He is in your life: One … Continue reading

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Things I am not real good at: certain kinds of patience

I am not always very patient, and I feel frustrated a lot these days by my inability to make progress with things. Some of it is the very normal-to-me frustration of having a day job at which I often have … Continue reading

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Big changes/Going back to earlier things

I’m in what I think are the very early stages of some major changes in my practice, moving into the early stages (well, I think I’ve been through some preparatory stuff already, but. . . ) of the other big … Continue reading

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Random encounters

I went to the coast yesterday, for my monthly trip to the beach. This time, collecting trash was fairly straightforward – I didn’t run into any “take it? leave it?” concerns like I did last time. I found another long-deceased … Continue reading

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