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Pre-sale and subscriptions for the Gods&Radicals Journal

If you would like to pre-order a copy of the first issue – or copies of the next two issues – you can do that right here. We made our basic funding goal in a matter of a few hours, … Continue reading

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To the Ocean, for the Arctic (a prayer)

Originally posted on GODS & RADICALS:
Hail Aegir, Ocean, great Lord of the seas, generous host of the Aesir! Hail Ran, Robber, great Lady of storms! Hail the Undines, the Billows Maidens, great Ladies of the waves! Thank You for…

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Overlooked Spirits

Originally posted on Queen of the Waiting Ones:
No spirit should be overlooked, and perhaps they are not, but I haven’t seen many people writing about these spirits, so I will, briefly. The spirits I’m talking about are not the…

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