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Life Support Systems

Resistance and Resilience through Love, Joy, and Hope Author’s note: This essay was originally published in the first issue of A Beautiful Resistance, and posted online last month at Gods&Radicals; originally I intended to post it here the same day … Continue reading

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A bit more about my politics

I recently updated my About page, but I hate writing those things and so I omitted a lot of details. I am a very white, cisgendered, currently able-bodied, queer woman. My political views have landed consistently in the lower left … Continue reading

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(Or: unexpected side-effects of major undoings-of-things in my head, including exhaustion, exciting new comprehension of my Issues, and less exciting thoughts about community.) Community-oriented Work is, thankfully, nowhere close to my god-given to-do list, and I am glad of that … Continue reading

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Lessons from the Ladies of the ocean

I recently found my way to the website for a local company that does riparian and wetlands restoration, and proceeded to read every single project entry on their website, feeling increasingly emotionally compromised and weepy, but having no desire to … Continue reading

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Living in right relationship (Pagan Values Event 2013)

I saw an announcement about this posted on Tumblr and it reminded me about something I’d thought about writing up last summer, about why I feel drawn to the Rokkr, the Jotuns, more so than the Aesir or Vanir in … Continue reading

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