Spirit Marriage and Related Concepts

*** I will be updating this page at some point; in the meantime, I have another, longer list of resources in a presentation I did for Many Gods West 2017 ***

This is a collection of links, articles, and brief summations of things I’ve found interesting and/or useful to read as I’ve been figuring out what this kind of relationship is/can be like, and what the historical precedents, and other contemporary examples, are.

On intimate relationships with deities and other spirits (being a consort, spouse, lover, etc. to a deity or other noncorporeal being)

I think some of the points made in some of these links may also be applicable to people in any kind of devotional relationship.

Note that there is a lot more writing, many more blogs, out there than these links; these are a few things that I have found personally useful in understanding the concept and what it is like, for some people, to be in such a relationship.

Spirit marriages and similar relationships from other cultures or historical sources

  • Marrying Jesus: Brides and the Bridegroom in medieval women’s literature: – a big, very readable, very interesting (in many ways) dissertation.
  • Blessed Bernardo Francisco de Hoyos y de Seña is an 18th-century Spanish priest who wrote vividly of his mystical gay marriage to Jesus.” (contains link to a book; the dissertation above also makes passing mention that there were men who wrote of being a “Bride of Christ.”)
  • A Saora Shamanin – about a spirit-marriage tradition in one particular culture.
  • Ida Craddock wrote in the late 1800’s about her marriage to an angel (Wikipedia article)
  • Spirit spouses in Baule culture (West African)
  • The priestess of Freyr referenced in a 14th century work is presented as His wife.
  • In Hinduism, bhakti is a religious approach based in personal devotion to and love for a deity; there are several ways this relationship can be described, including the love of a servant to a master, love a child has for a parent, love a parent has for a child, love between friends, and the love between romantic partners (often portrayed as what the lover feels toward the Beloved).
  • Haitian vodoun has “maryaj lwa,” a ceremony in which a human being marries one of the lwa. Get thee to a websearch tool; I’m not even going to attempt to summarize this.
  • Greek mythology has many examples of intimate relationships (or the desire for them) between mortals and deities.
  • Faery lovers/spouses: Several blog posts here talk about the folklore and history of humans having liaisons and marriages with elves and fairies. Here is another page on the topic.
  • In the Hebrew Bible, the nephilim are called the offspring of the “sons of God” and the “daughters of men;” there is debate about whether the “sons of God” refer to angels or humans. While Mary was not married to her God, her son, Jesus, was said to be God’s child.
  • Wikipedia has a page on spirit marriage with a variety of examples – nothing in great depth, but there is a list of citations at the end for further reading.

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