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Dam removal benefits for birds

Well, some birds anyway. Birds that eat fish that are impacted by dams. This is another bit of news related to the Elwha River, and how its damming, and now freedom, is affecting the surrounding ecosystem. The article concerns itself … Continue reading

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Tropical vs. temperate songbird reproduction

So apparently songbirds that breed in tropical regions have fewer youngsters, and those youngsters get their wings faster than songbirds in more temperate reasons, despite growing more slowly in general. Their late growth possibly gives them an edge in escaping … Continue reading

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Three things about birds

Because three things make a post, as the ancient wisdom says. For anyone who follows me on Tumblr, it may be obvious that I really like birds. Like, a lot. I’ve had birds in my life, in close ways, for … Continue reading

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All twisty-windy paths lead to the same place

Years ago, in college, shortly before I got married, I convinced my soon-to-be husband that we ought to buy this small parrot I’d seen in a local pet store and fallen instantly in love with. “Groom’s gift for the bride?” … Continue reading

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The barn owl’s burial

There’s a barn owl box on the property. Some years, not all of the birds survive to adulthood, and when the box is cleaned out, their remains get cleared out, too. I took the skull out – all I had … Continue reading

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