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Altar for extinct species and ecological losses at Many Gods West

I will be setting up a public altar at Many Gods West this year for honoring extinct species, destroyed places, and other ecological losses. There will be two parts to it: one small-scale Life Cairn, and a Memorial Wall where … Continue reading

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November 30th

The next big round of international talks on climate change start on Monday. November 30th is also the Remembrance Day for Lost Species. There’s a certain sort of poetry to these two things aligning.

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The sixth great extinction?

I’ve seen lots of headlines about this recently, but due to other things I’d read in the past, I was a little hesitant to believe it – and I thought I’d seen this come up before, and then get refuted … Continue reading

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Extinction and “islands”

So here’s this article, “Rethinking extinction,” the main point of which is that things aren’t as bad as commonly stated. It’s written by Stewart Brand, who I understand is considered a “green modernist” or some other flavor of supposed environmentalist … Continue reading

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The Sound of Silence: Mass Extinction and the Music of the World

Originally posted on The Druid's Garden:
I recently came across an article from The Guardian in 2012 detailing the work of scientist Bernie Krause, who has spent his life recording sounds of nature. Krause’s major finding is simple: the…

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The Dire State of Fungi

Originally posted on The Adventures of a Beginning Naturalist:
From Mushroom Expert: “We must accumulate specimens–and it is time to consider our mushrooms from an ecological perspective. I have been framing my argument, so far, in terms of the pursuit…

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May you be remembered

For the plants: – Wikstroemia skottsbergiana, aka Skottsberg’s Wikstroemia. Its only known locations were in Hanalei and Kauhao Valleys on Kauai. – Chrysophyllum januariense, a tree of lowland coastal rainforest; collected only from Laranjeiras Forest, Rio de Janeiro, it can … Continue reading

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