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“When They come courting” at Many Gods West

So there are some really awesome presentations and rituals planned for Many Gods West this year, again. I’m scheduled for Sunday morning, for this one: “When They come courting: Spirit marriage and related relationships” “A presentation on spirit marriage, godspousery, … Continue reading

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Husbands and marriage(s)

I haven’t made a lot of updates here in a while on that whole topic, but there are three now. Mr. Lynx-ears and I formalized things on the very last day of this past spring, and the “land spirit” who … Continue reading

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Understanding the dark

I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to write publicly about any of this again. I did for a while early on, and then – Well, I guess it’s time. . . . Loki, when He shows up in … Continue reading

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Relative quiet, and other changes

The first week of August, I drove across the state the long way to visit my parents. The trip was notable for several specific spiritual reasons, including that, when I got back, I got a strong nudge to NOT do … Continue reading

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Even walls fall down (especially if suitably undermined)

He asked two days after Christmas, and I was momentarily perplexed. But only momentarily: . . . He asked in July, barely two weeks after I’d realized He was real. It was a song that came up when I randomly … Continue reading

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A Strange Kind of Rough

Much of the last 4-5 months has been fairly rough on some levels. I was kind of expecting it: I had a feeling that, once I moved out here, Loki would start pushing me harder. I wasn’t (of course) expecting … Continue reading

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