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Hey la, hey la, my boyfriend’s back

So a few nights ago, I had a dream – maybe a couple dreams, run together, I mean where does one dream end and another start? – and all day after, I had this bit of a song banging around … Continue reading

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Film-related approxiversary

I have non-specific plans to go see the latest Marvel film in the theatre sometime soon, which has been serving as yet-another reminder of the passage of time. It was 4 years ago this month that I went with my … Continue reading

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A path chosen

Or maybe “chosen,” because I have lingering questions about that (which may never be answered to my satisfaction; such is life). Over a year ago, in late summer, Loki woke me up in the middle of the night and stated … Continue reading

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Understanding the dark

I didn’t know if I’d ever be able to write publicly about any of this again. I did for a while early on, and then – Well, I guess it’s time. . . . Loki, when He shows up in … Continue reading

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Illusions; chains

I recall an old family friend, imagine him asking why I never replied to his emails. “Because I never found the sexist ‘jokes’ funny, I never found sexism funny even as a child.” I’m getting really irate, imagining this – … Continue reading

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I’m struggling a bit with the fact that it’s been three years

(How did so much time pass already? And: I thought I’d be somewhere different by now.) The first question for the Heathen Round Table couldn’t be more perfect: “How did you first become involved in heathenry? What started you on … Continue reading

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And then there’s how my spiritual life is

A summary, omitting many important details: On the one hand there is the main god in your life, Who is leading you deeper in two directions at once With respect to Who and what He is in your life: One … Continue reading

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