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Community and (my) polytheism

I am very much an introvert. I love – and need – long stretches of time alone where I cannot be forced into interaction with other human beings on their terms. I don’t have any human roommates, and it’s great. … Continue reading

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My polytheism

I’ve really been enjoying the posts inspired by the first My Polytheism post, and so: In brief: I treat gods (and other spirits) like I treat human people (or would like to), except I can be more honest with Them. … Continue reading

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Many Gods West

I’m an introvert. I spent last weekend at a conference where 180 people registered for at least part of the event, spent a lot of time talking with people I barely know . . . and I still feel kind … Continue reading

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Heathen Round Table, July: Non-Norse Deities

What are your beliefs about deities from other religions/pantheons, both polytheistic and not? Do you honour any, and how do you balance that with heathenry? I believe very strongly that other deities exist. I don’t tend to go seeking Them … Continue reading

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(Or: unexpected side-effects of major undoings-of-things in my head, including exhaustion, exciting new comprehension of my Issues, and less exciting thoughts about community.) Community-oriented Work is, thankfully, nowhere close to my god-given to-do list, and I am glad of that … Continue reading

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Work/Life/Faith Balance

[I drafted this up a week ago, thinking I would have time to fine-tune it and post it then. Some of it feels even more relevant than when I wrote it, but the original last sentence is kind of hilarious … Continue reading

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I know it’s called -poly-theism but this feels a bit ridiculous

I have some free time, and some things bothering me (not in a bad way, just in a “what the fuck, help, why, oh gods” way), and the best way to deal with that is generally to complain to someone, … Continue reading

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